I have been a photographer since I was 5. Many notice that I seem happy using a camera and it’s true. Photography is an adventure and the joy is in the work. 

Photography gets me into places I would never see, introduces me to people I'd never meet and lets me tie it all together and tell stories. When people allow me to document their life, their world, it’s a privilege that I never take lightly. 

The author of 2 books with 2 more on the way, I have been on The Today Show, the CBS Sunday Morning show and National Public Radio. My work has appeared in many magazines and is used by many clients.

I love projects that take time and reflection because they help tell the story but, when necessary, I can figure things out on the fly.

Home is Baltimore, MD  but my work sends me across the USA and, occasionally, overseas. Please feel free to contact me for assignments and general inquiries.

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